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ContiExtra press kit has been released

The press kit, addresses ContiExtra program that consists of Continental’s global experience and exclusive brand collaborations, has been presented to media members from the automotive world.
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Why loyalty programs aren’t the right move for every brand

  While a number of conditions are necessary to successfully launch and support a loyalty program, the most critical is executive support. Loyalty programs require significant initial investment and need time to ramp up and...
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Increase customer engagagement via customized chatbots

Using the power of artificial intelligence, a chatbot enables you to converse with your audience in an interactive way. Built for the most popular instant messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, chatbots...
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Welcome to the Milliyet Real Estate Club, which will make your life and business easier

Milliyet Emlakçılar Kulübü, launched on August 2016, is a B2B Loyalty Program consisting of various services, experiences and privileges that are created especially for real estate professionals, in order to make their lives and businesses...
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Welcome to the world of ContiExtra

ContiExtra, launched on May 2016, is the Customer Loyalty Program of Continental, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. The program consists of exclusive global experience and privileges for end users. Click to see the...
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